Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soon The Leaves Will Turn

Fall is coming! I can feel it creeping up with wind and rain and beautiful colors. Fall is my favorite time to dress. Given a better budget these are some items I would love to have this upcoming fall:

I love the warm, still summer feel of the blush colored top paired with the warm, professional but homey look of the cardigan. Of course, you'll learn soon, I'm a cardigan fiend. I love cardigans. I honestly feel they're fit for every occasion.

 Then there's this lovely gem found at Ruche. This skirt is adorable! And perfect for fall besides. Excellent length, warm fall color, and beautiful details with the bow around the waist. This could easily become a wardrobe stable for the cooler months.

And for a great pop of color, let's pair them with these lovely beauties below!

Oh, funding. I wish I had some. My handle is going to have to remain thrift stores for now. But very soon I'll show you some of my excellent local finds!

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