Friday, October 14, 2011

The Last Rays of Summer Sun

All this heat has me missing summer. Well, just a little. It's never quite warm enough all day for me to break the shorts back out. Not that that means much for me; I probably only own four pairs and never, ever wear them. So I thought, maybe, I'd break my personal mold and wear them in public maybe just once.

Really the only thing that resulted from it was me gaining the firm belief that if I'm ever going to wear shorts again, I have to work on the size and shape of my legs. Yikes.

I'm very disappointed in the sunlight, in a picture taking sense. Try as I might, the sun washed the beautiful color out of this delicate top. The purple is just a darling shade of lavender and I love the detailing at the collar. It's so sad when you have something so pretty, yet you can't quite capture it.

Which reminds me. I spent part of the day chasing butterflies. It really is the simple things.

Outfit Details:
Lavender Top: Old Navy (thrifted)
Shorts: (thrifted)
Woven Belt: (thrifted)
Brown Heels: Target

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Hideaway

Although it's been beautifully warm and all I want to do is pile up leaves and jump in them, tragically, I still have to go to work. I know! It is in fact, very, very unfair. Who could ever desire to waste the precious hours of light when soon we're going to practically be drowning in darkness?

I can cut the melodrama now.

But honestly, I wanted to kill two bird with one stone today. First, I wanted to go to one of my favorite hideaways by one of the lakes near my house and climb trees and enjoy the falling leaves. Secondly, I wanted to attempt a work-appropriate outfit that avoided a ton of black.

I wear a lot of dark colors to work because my job involves handling inks, and they get everywhere. If I wear light colors, they'll stain for sure. So my normal work attire has been very dark and full of layers. It was so nice today I had to get away from the somber colors. Winter is coming, but it isn't here yet! I opted for colors that remind me of fall: a bright red, and a warm purple. I was actually kind of impressed after I put them on. It was definitely an outfit by accident. I can't say I'm complaining, though. I felt very classy at work today. And I got to play in the leaves. Although tree-climbing in heels before my timer went off on my camera was a feat, and never to be repeated. Ever.

Outfit details:
Red Peter Pan Collar Top: Vintage (thrifted)
Plum Cardigan: Mossimo
Belt: (thrifted)
Jeans: Wet Seal (thrifted)
Ribbon Heels: Work-Safe Payless
Necklace: Vintage (thrifted)
Trinity Bracelet: Present brought home from Ireland by a friend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Twilight

 The weather has been doing incredibly strange things lately. The last few days have been sweltering hot during the day, but perfect at twilight. Because of the unexpected return to summer heat, I had to take the opportunity to wear a light pencil skirt and this airy white top, which I love. As cliche as it is, when I think about it, I always get excited about wearing white after Labor Day. It must be a leftover from a oft heard dogma during childhood, but I always feel like I'm breaking rules and sticking it to the man.

I'll stop talking now.

I can only wear something like this on a day I don't have to work, because anything light will get destroyed at my job. So I was so excited to have a day off to enjoy this on a weekend.

River was excited to come out and have a bit of a walk too! She loves being outside and purrs constantly on the leash. We keep our cats indoors because it's so much safer than letting them roam, but she is very happy when we play outside together. Min prefers to watch from the window. The leash terrifies her.

The only problem with an outfit like this is that it never quite survives the bustle of the day, the way it looked when I put it on. The shirt managed to stay flat under the skirt until just before I went outside. I wanted to fix it, but when the light starts to fade here, you really have to play beat the clock before all is pitch black. Maybe I'll actually let Alex help next time.
Outfit details:
White Sleeve Button Top: (thrifted)
Belt: (thrifted)
Blue Pencil Skirt: Esprit (thrifted)
Bobby Socks
Brown Heels: Target

A Business Trip

Last week I ended up having to train in Marquette, MI for my new job. It was a and cold experience, if I may. While the weather was so beautiful I just about cried (high 80's? In October? Only in Michigan...), there were some things about the trip that left something to be desired. I'll keep the complaining to a minimum, because it was mostly a little bit of homesickness for my boy and my kittens. But, the training itself was terrible, and I lived for the moments I could be exploring the town instead. It's actually a city, complete with my shame of a shopping addiction: Target. The only one in the U.P., actually. My life is so hard. The city is the largest in the U.P., and one of the oldest in Michigan, and as such has a fun cultural atmosphere. Complete with one of the largest college campuses in the state, it's still a mining town, and the ore boats that dock daily are gigantic. I couldn't stay away from the water, and got my fair share of hypothermia dipping my feet in the beautiful blue waters of Lake Superior, the deepest freshwater lake on Earth. I love this lake, and miss it very greatly when I'm away from it, so pardon all the pictures of the water. Next time I'm there I'll be sure to take more pictures of the downtown area. It's a beautiful town with great architecture and some wonderful secondhand and consignment shops. I picked up some great finds! I'll be sure to show them to you as soon as the weather cools off. It seems the season has gone in reverse and back to summer. I'm not complaining, Indian Summer is truly the best.

Also, if you're ever in Marquette, make sure you stop by The Wild Rover for some truly great Irish food. Your taste buds will thank you for the Boxty, the Bangers and Champ, and the Guinness Beef Stew. But stay away from Casa Calabria if you're thinking Italian; it was a fancy place in '83 when it was built but the only thing ever updated was the price for truly mediocre food. It was outrageously expensive, loud, dark, and just... ugh.

I took what felt like a million photos; please enjoy! Especially look at the Stadium Dome. The people working on (or rappelling down it?!?) are so tiny!.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Study Break

My week has been so hectic. I just don't know how else to describe it. Two very important exams, more homework than I have desk space for, and to top it off, I've finally started my new job! So far, I've been working full-time hours, which doesn't work at all for me with how much school is on my plate.

That's why, on the day of my exam, I had no take a break from studying to enjoy the sunshine for a moment. It was such a beautiful day! I took to opportunity to pretend that the sun was shining in an Indian Summer style, so I wore a soft rayon shirt and paired it with a light, airy skirt.

I realized after getting dressed that it was a little chilly for such wear. So I grabbed my favorite cardigan to enjoy the light a little longer before getting back to work.

Oh, and I was stumbled upon by the herd of deer who live in the woods by my house. They are so friendly here. Hello lovely deer!

Outfit details:
Blue Boyfriend Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Teal Rayon Top: (thrifted)
Belt: (thrifted)
Blue Printed Skirt: American Eagle (thrifted)
Mary Jane Flats: Payless