Why, hello! I'm Danica, or Dani, and I'm the girl who writes pages and pages about what's probably nothing of consequence. In case you were wondering where all of this comes from, here's a few things about me you might need to know.
  • I am a college student of too many years. I've studied every facet of theatre and gave all of my free time to it (and much of my not-free time, oops) at two different universities before I realized it wasn't for me. Now I'm studying to become an English teacher, which everyone knew all along was where I was going to end up. (I wish they would have told me!)
  • I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my long time boyfriend, Alex. He's a computer programmer and has put up with my antics since we were best friends in High School together. 
  • We have two kittens, Min and River! These ladies are really the light of our lives. River will occasionally make an appearance here, but Min is a little camera shy. She's a daddy's girl anyway. And doesn't put up with my antics. 
  • My hobbies include theatre, book-reading, thrifting (and you'll hear a lot about this one here!) painting, and video games (I spend entirely too many hours a week on this one. It's addicting. Does anyone here play LoL? No? Just Alex and I? What about Skyrim? Final Fantasty? Anyone?)
  • I take all of my own pictures. That's why some of them are pretty terrible. When I get my store open, my profits are going to go towards buying a better camera and a tripod, because the way I do things now involves an upside-down trash can, a camera with a battery life of about 10 minutes on a good day, a great ability to move everything out of the way of cars, and infinite patience. 
  • Why yes, I AM opening a store! I'll be going through Etsy once I get everything photographed and documented, and hopefully it should be up soon!   
Alex and I at the iron mine! His face kills me.
 If you have any questions for me or would like to get a hold of me for any reason (and I love mail!) you can email me at wildflowersandweeds1@gmail.com.

And if you're planning a trip to Michigan, let me know! I have lived in lots of places across this state, in the biggest and smallest cities, and know lots of fun places to be.

Thanks for stopping by! <3


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