Friday, March 2, 2012

When I Said, "A Foot of Snow..."

I actually meant a foot of snow. And then it snowed some more. And in these pictures, it's still snowing. Lucky me! Oh well. As long as this is winter's last blast and soon I'll have flowers on my hands, I'm okay with this. I mean, if I have to be. At least I know that this year's flowers are sleeping beneath a beautiful, warm blanket until spring.  

Today's shots made me shake my head. I was outside for at least half an hour, and took shots with this lovely coat, and then, because I liked what was underneath it, took a number of shots with it off as well. I thought I had uploaded everything to my computer, so deleted them off the camera, and alas! When I went to crop and edit, I discovered that half the files were corrupt.

Ah well. This is my life.

I picked this coat up at a thrift store in town, and I have to say, I love the wartime feel to it. Wearing it makes me want to pin my hair up, draw lines on the back of my legs instead of wearing tights, and pray for the boys to come home. If only it had pockets! Because of this little detail, I'll be selling it when my shop opens up. I just don't function well without pockets.

Especially when I'm silly enough to go outside without gloves. Oh self. Will you never learn?

Outfit details:
Navy Inspired Coat: Vintage
Mustard Sweater: Target
Heather Skirt: Vintage
Tights: Christmas Gift
Shoes: Target

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