Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Working Girl

I meant to post these pictures months and months ago, but as the days after my employment ended continued, I found myself with increasing apathy about the whole thing. I have now put to rest any and all hard feelings I might have had about my former place of employment, and must admit that although there were some pretty terrible things about my job, there were some pretty decent things too. If nothing else, I was able to wear whatever I desired to work. Not the first time I'd encountered such freedom at a job site, but it's always appreciated. So, here it is: the laying to rest of my days as a working girl at a minimum wage, part time, soul killing job. Or at least, I hope.

I took pictures around various parts of the shop (read: closet) so that I might remember bits of what was my daily life. Without, I suppose, giving away anything I don't think I'm supposed to. There wasn't much to the place, but I won't forget the multitude of bright colors, needles, inks, and packaging, and the once upon a time when a dozen roses graced my sales counter.


We have to make the most of the situations we get ourselves in, you know?

Outfit details:
Necklace: Thrifted
Striped Orange Top: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Denim Skirt: Vintage
Ivory Tights: Target?
Brown Oxfords: Target
Tights: Target


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you! It's one of my favorites. Plus a staple of my wardrobe!

  2. I loveee your oxfords! And I love that they match your belt. My boyfriend ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS makes fun of me for how obsessed I am with matching my shoes and belt... but when they look good, they look good!

    1. Thank you so much! I adore them too. I probably wear them way, way more than I should. And I know exactly how you feel! My Alex does the same thing to me. But he's getting used to it and just shakes his head at me these days. And I agree: when they look good, they do look good.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It's great that you have something to remember the job by though :) the roses are so pretty! <3

    1. The roses were very pretty. I wish they had been for me! Oh well, I'll take what I can get. Thanks for the comment!