Monday, June 11, 2012

Hiding in Hedgerows

This hedge outside of our apartment gets me right in the feels every day. I brush my hands over the top and I am transported to rural England, a place I have never been but have longed for as far back as I can remember. There's something very "Secret Garden" about it. Something reminiscent of Watership Down. I met eyes with a cottontail and was tempted to ask him if Fiver was nearby, if Blackberry was doing well.

Instead, I'm trapped here in the Yoop, stealing moments of shade and yearning for the English Countryside, a better camera, and the ability to capture colors the way they really are. The sun is harsh on delicate things even in the shade.

If I can't share my reality, can it even be called real? I think I'd rather close my eyes and dream of England than contemplate philosophy at this hour. And wish that I could find a way to upload photos and edit them so that they aren't so washed out. Any advice? Anyone?

Outfit Details:
Yellow/Pastel Plaid Shirt: Vintage
Belt: Stolen from ASOS Dress
Shorts: Kohl's 
Earring: FrockStock
Sandals: (I give up. I just don't know.)

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