Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn Hideaway

Although it's been beautifully warm and all I want to do is pile up leaves and jump in them, tragically, I still have to go to work. I know! It is in fact, very, very unfair. Who could ever desire to waste the precious hours of light when soon we're going to practically be drowning in darkness?

I can cut the melodrama now.

But honestly, I wanted to kill two bird with one stone today. First, I wanted to go to one of my favorite hideaways by one of the lakes near my house and climb trees and enjoy the falling leaves. Secondly, I wanted to attempt a work-appropriate outfit that avoided a ton of black.

I wear a lot of dark colors to work because my job involves handling inks, and they get everywhere. If I wear light colors, they'll stain for sure. So my normal work attire has been very dark and full of layers. It was so nice today I had to get away from the somber colors. Winter is coming, but it isn't here yet! I opted for colors that remind me of fall: a bright red, and a warm purple. I was actually kind of impressed after I put them on. It was definitely an outfit by accident. I can't say I'm complaining, though. I felt very classy at work today. And I got to play in the leaves. Although tree-climbing in heels before my timer went off on my camera was a feat, and never to be repeated. Ever.

Outfit details:
Red Peter Pan Collar Top: Vintage (thrifted)
Plum Cardigan: Mossimo
Belt: (thrifted)
Jeans: Wet Seal (thrifted)
Ribbon Heels: Work-Safe Payless
Necklace: Vintage (thrifted)
Trinity Bracelet: Present brought home from Ireland by a friend.

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