Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Twilight

 The weather has been doing incredibly strange things lately. The last few days have been sweltering hot during the day, but perfect at twilight. Because of the unexpected return to summer heat, I had to take the opportunity to wear a light pencil skirt and this airy white top, which I love. As cliche as it is, when I think about it, I always get excited about wearing white after Labor Day. It must be a leftover from a oft heard dogma during childhood, but I always feel like I'm breaking rules and sticking it to the man.

I'll stop talking now.

I can only wear something like this on a day I don't have to work, because anything light will get destroyed at my job. So I was so excited to have a day off to enjoy this on a weekend.

River was excited to come out and have a bit of a walk too! She loves being outside and purrs constantly on the leash. We keep our cats indoors because it's so much safer than letting them roam, but she is very happy when we play outside together. Min prefers to watch from the window. The leash terrifies her.

The only problem with an outfit like this is that it never quite survives the bustle of the day, the way it looked when I put it on. The shirt managed to stay flat under the skirt until just before I went outside. I wanted to fix it, but when the light starts to fade here, you really have to play beat the clock before all is pitch black. Maybe I'll actually let Alex help next time.
Outfit details:
White Sleeve Button Top: (thrifted)
Belt: (thrifted)
Blue Pencil Skirt: Esprit (thrifted)
Bobby Socks
Brown Heels: Target

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