Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Business Trip

Last week I ended up having to train in Marquette, MI for my new job. It was a very...hot and cold experience, if I may. While the weather was so beautiful I just about cried (high 80's? In October? Only in Michigan...), there were some things about the trip that left something to be desired. I'll keep the complaining to a minimum, because it was mostly a little bit of homesickness for my boy and my kittens. But, the training itself was terrible, and I lived for the moments I could be exploring the town instead. It's actually a city, complete with my shame of a shopping addiction: Target. The only one in the U.P., actually. My life is so hard. The city is the largest in the U.P., and one of the oldest in Michigan, and as such has a fun cultural atmosphere. Complete with one of the largest college campuses in the state, it's still a mining town, and the ore boats that dock daily are gigantic. I couldn't stay away from the water, and got my fair share of hypothermia dipping my feet in the beautiful blue waters of Lake Superior, the deepest freshwater lake on Earth. I love this lake, and miss it very greatly when I'm away from it, so pardon all the pictures of the water. Next time I'm there I'll be sure to take more pictures of the downtown area. It's a beautiful town with great architecture and some wonderful secondhand and consignment shops. I picked up some great finds! I'll be sure to show them to you as soon as the weather cools off. It seems the season has gone in reverse and back to summer. I'm not complaining, Indian Summer is truly the best.

Also, if you're ever in Marquette, make sure you stop by The Wild Rover for some truly great Irish food. Your taste buds will thank you for the Boxty, the Bangers and Champ, and the Guinness Beef Stew. But stay away from Casa Calabria if you're thinking Italian; it was a fancy place in '83 when it was built but the only thing ever updated was the price for truly mediocre food. It was outrageously expensive, loud, dark, and just... ugh.

I took what felt like a million photos; please enjoy! Especially look at the Stadium Dome. The people working on (or rappelling down it?!?) are so tiny!.

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  1. aww, these are such lovely photos!! I'm absolutely loving the colour of those changing leaves & your outfit is SO adorable, perfect for a relaxed day! xo veronika