Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feature: Girl and Closet

I think it's about time to pay homage to a few of my favorite blogs. Why? I look to these blogs for inspiration, and the authors behind them are amazing people too. Maybe it's an exercise in futility, but at least once a month giving a shout-out to these lovely ladies will make me a happier person.

My first of such shout-outs goes to Veronika of Girl and Closet. First and foremost, she's super sweet. And I don't just mean her style! The last year has been a big one for her, and I'm so happy for her, and honored to be her follower. She's such a warm and welcoming person, and it shines through in her blog. It also warms a little bit to see another blogger actually having to deal with winter weather - I feel like so many of my favorite blogs are based in places that didn't even see snow this year. I'll admit, I'm jealous of her seaside location, but it's a good jealously. There are two kinds, did you know?

Her style, too, is fantastic. From her use of color to the way she mixes patterns and prints, there's just so many good ideas there! She doesn't shy away from statement pieces, and she makes them work. She wears clothes comfortably and elegantly. Also, can I mention that I love the fact that she isn't afraid to wear a pair of jeans? So many bloggers are! Finally, you have to applaud her taste in shoes and hats. If there's one thing I cannot wear well, it's a hat.

It's nice, too, to tip my own hat to a fellow self-photographer. It can be a serious pain.

Please, if you haven't already, check out her wonderful, wonderful blog!

all pictures by veronika


  1. Aww I just interviewed Veronika not too long ago myself and said so many of the same things- about her adorable style & how her lovely personality shines through. So funny about the snow- I keep thinking the exact opposite & wishing I could look darling all bundled up in big coats.

    1. You can definitely have all the snow I have lying around. There's a fair amount - shall I pack you a cooler full? Thanks for stopping by!