Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sample in Snow

For some reason, I just started to get my hopes up that spring was just around the corner. Of course, in true Michigan spirit, the weather then turned back to normal Michigan constant snow. That didn't deter me from braving the elements and taking outfit shots today though! (Well, almost. But we'll call it a victory.) I actually enjoy snowfalls like this, so soft and pretty. Picturesque, even. But don't tell anyone. My winter-hating reputation might be ruined.

Moving past talk of the weather, today was an experiment in a color I detest. Notice the pink shirt? Maybe it's my skin tone, but I think I look terrible in the color pink. Of course, that could just be my subconscious talking after I spent 15 years hating the color and all that it stood for for women. I was probably the loudest 5 year old feminist you never heard of. Oh well. I'm trying to make amends. It's not that bad a color, really. Some of my favorite flowers can be pink.

Also present is a Michigan winter hat! I'm thinking I'm going to do a post in the next few days wearing all the ones I have. If you live in the north, you'll understand how important ugly winter hats are. If you don't live in the north, you might never understand. 

Outfit Details:
Winter Hat: Inherited from Alex's mother
Scarf: Thrifted
Ivory Cardigan: Vanity (clearance racks will be the end of me)
Pink Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted)
Skinny Jeans: Honestly I couldn't tell you. 
Boots: Xhileration (thrifted)

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