Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Better Introduction

I just realized I probably should have taken the time to introduce myself, hmm? Well, there isn't much to me really. I'm a student trying to make my way in this great wide world. I have a newfound love of fashion and all things vintage and thrifted, and I have an extremely old love of books, writing, and all forms of art.

Oh yes. And I have two beautiful kittens. This one is River.

I promise I won't update this many times in one night ever again. The fit just took me this evening, and the nearly empty page that is my blog was driving me to madness. But this is better! Now you know me and hopefully I'll get to meet you (well, in a figurative sense) and I think we'll all have a great time.

And who can deny that adorable kitten face?

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