Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Straying From the Sun

I love the sunny days of autumn. More than any other reason I believe that this is why fall is my favorite time of year. You can actually enjoy the sunlight. It isn't too hot to be outside, it doesn't burn you as much. It feels like a companion I guess. It's a reason to be outside instead of a reason to stay away. And the blue September sky... I don't have words for my feelings for that particular shade of blue.

So, I took the opportunity to wear my new dress from Modcloth that I personally think is a very similar shade to that blue September that I love! I paired it with a hand-knit cabled cardigan and tights, because while it was a beautiful day, there was a glorious fall chill in the air. I don't wear coats if I can help it, I stick to sweaters instead. Do you have a preference? I'd love to hear about it!

Outfit details:
Turquoise Beaded Necklace: (thrifted)
Off-White Cardigan: Hand-knit by Dorothy Overacker (thrifted)
Dress: Blue Isthmus Dress c/o Modcloth
White Floral Tights: Target
Shoes: Target


  1. I love, love ModCloth and I absolutely adore that dress, what a lovely shade of blue. And I'm loving it paired with your lovely shoes & that belt -just gorgeous! Also, I'm with you, this is SO my fave time of year. xo veronika

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment! It means so much coming from someone with a blog as lovely as yours.