Friday, September 16, 2011

British Invasion; Missing in Action

So because I was being lax about my weekly thrift store visits, I've been a little slow with the updates. But! Fear not! I have made a recent visit and it was very successful! It was an end-of-summer-everything's-$1-and buy-one-get-one-free. I made out like a bandit. Pictures to come, of course, once I get a more willing photographer (i.e. my boyfriend Alex. He'll come around. He always does.)

In the meantime I have found some fabulous items online that are definitely on my wish list now. I'm slightly inspired by New York Fashion Week, I'm sure. But you can't deny how great these are!

I am suddenly having a love affair with Peter Pan collars. They are just so classic, so elegant, and so very fun. And isn't this a great color for fall? Still a little bit of summer sunshine peaking through, but still matches the vibrant color the birch trees are going to turn! 

Why not pair a pretty little dress like that with adorable little booties like these? They have such a flattering shape, and keep with that same classic-but-fun look.

Finally, I would pair the dress with this gorgeous jacket from Topshop. Yet another UK dealer I wish were more readily available in the states. Throw this over top, and a nice belt around the waist to finish the look, maybe some colored tights... Oh fall, how I love you!

Well, that's it from me tonight. I promise I'll get you some pictures soon, tomorrow if I can manage it. It's time to show you how many great thrift store finds you can discover in the most unlikely places!


  1. Gorgeous post & a stunning, stunning blog. Love what you're doing!
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  2. Thank you so much! Your blog is also so lovely. I'm a new follower for sure! <3